Mvslim is Moving to London – Original Founders are Passing on the Torch

April 15th, 2020 – On the day of its 5th anniversary, Hanan Challouki (27) and Taha Riani (23), founders of Mvslim, announce that they will no longer play an active role in the platform. They’ve passed on the torch to a dynamic London-based company, that will carry on their work. 

On April 15th of 2015, Challouki and Riani launched Mvslim as an online platform that would “inspire, motivate and unite” millennials all over the world.

Over the past 5 years, they’ve reached millions of people with this message, sharing viral content on social media and their website. They also organized three successful offline events, two in Belgium and one in the Netherlands, and were able to bring their audience in real life together. 

Today, they feel like it’s time to take Mvslim to the next level by moving it to London. The acquisition was not primarily financially motivated by both parties, but one where there is trust and confidence that the new owners will continue to push for the platform to have a positive impact on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, globally.  

“The past 5 years were pretty hectic and changed a lot for us personally as well”, Taha Riani states. 

“About half a year after Mvslim launched, we also created our creative agency Allyens, which is focused on inclusive communications. A lot of our attention, time and energy had to go to Allyens, leaving little time for Mvslim. The fact that we’re based in Belgium, didn’t make it easy to get Mvslim to the next level, since most partners are abroad. We know that with its move to London, Mvslim will be able to work more efficiently and achieve what it’s created for: to inspire others”, he adds. 

Hanan Challouki looks back on the past 5 years as an exciting journey that others will now embark on: “We are happy with the foundations we’ve built and curious to see where it will go next. I wish the new captains the very best.” 

Who the new owners of Mvslim are will be shared soon. 

For Challouki and Riani, it was critical that the new owners continue the vision of Mvslim – but now help take it to the next level, reaching even more Muslims as well as those of other faiths or none. 

“Mvslim is a source of inspiration for people living everywhere. It’s a platform that empowers people, breaks negative stereotypes and adds new narratives to mainstream media today. And that’s exactly what this world needs.

“We hope you continue to support the Mvslim journey into what we hope is an exciting and fruitful future, together,” they conclude.

Written by Mvslim

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