Muslims speak up about problems in their community: Striking back with #MuslimTwitterBeLike

If you’re looking for a witty hashtag, Twitter is always the place to be. Since a few days, Muslims have been taking over the hashtag #Muslimtwitterbelike to bring up some of the issues that live in the Muslim community in a funny way. From racism to misogyny, people are tweeting about it and even though the issues are serious, they have figured a way to speak up about it in a hilarious way.

A subject that was tweeted about a lot was the discrimination between Muslims. So racism was definitely a very popular subject among the tweets:

But also the endless comparisons between women and food or other objects :

And many of those tweets would just bring up the ignorant views some Muslims have on certain things:

What was interesting about this hashtag is that it was the Muslim community itself acknowledging all these issues and bringing them up in a way that people wouldn’t immediately feel offended. It weren’t non-Muslims that were sharing their ignorant views on the Muslim community, instead Muslims spoke up about these problems themselves. And that’s exactly how it should be.

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Written by Mvslim

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