Muslims Gather to Perform Taraweeh in Times Square for the First Time

Over the weekend (April 2nd), hundreds of American Muslims gathered in Times Square, New York, to break their fasts as well as pray Taraweeh together.

The organisers of the event, which was sponsored by Project ZamZam, said that this is the “first time” the iconic location has seen an event like this take place, telling fans to come and enjoy some Quran recitations as well as enjoy some “free iftaar” which was provided to those who signed up.

CBS News reported that over 1,500 meals were passed out to mark the end of the first fast of the holy month of Ramadan, with many in attendance speaking to the outlet about the importance of unity and non-violence.

“The Quran is a divine revelation. It’s the final revelation that was given to the Prophet Muhammad, who was a messenger in a series of messengers, just like Jesus, just like Moses,” SQ, a YouTuber and the organiser of the historic event said. “We are all united and connected together. People need to stop trying to disunite the Christians and the Muslims and the Jews and everyone. That needs to stop.”

“You work with these people. You take the train with these people. We are all really one,” the event co-organiser, Ali Camara, also told the outlet.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about Islam,” another person said. “There’s crazy people throughout all cultures, all religions, and those small groups of people do not represent the majority… We’re encouraged to pray, fast, do good deeds, give charity.”

Credit: Twitter / @Muslim

Snapshots taken from the event show Muslims standing shoulder-to-shoulder while praying their last prayer before the next fast begins. The images quickly went viral online as many applauded the public display of devotion to God. Not only that, but videos were also shared of beautiful recitations by speakers which allowed global fans to experience the event without actually being there.

While there was initially a divide of opinions surrounding the event, with some stating that Times Square was “not an appropriate location” for praying Taraweeh, it seems as though it proved to be a success overall for global coverage as well as religious unity. Alhamdulillah.

SQ (also known by his full handle @wayoflifeSQ) is now hoping to take this event worldwide, hinting that the next mass gathering could be in Toronto or London, but he’ll leave that down to his followers to decide.

We might be biased, but we’re hoping it’s London!