Muslim Youngsters are Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey by Offering Food, Water and Basic Supplies

Hurricane Harvey has devastated large areas of Texas, USA and the residents are asked to leave immediately to safety. It has cost around eight lives so far and left many injured. Hurricane Harvey affected the area around Houston, leaving the victims, most of whom don’t have flood insurance, stranded and confused. Airbnb hosts have opened up their homes to the victims of the hurricane, trying to accommodate as many people as possible. This natural catastrophe has encouraged more than 150 members of the Muslim community to offer help and start volunteering; making sure everyone has made it to safety.

The two groups, Muslim Youth USA and Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, are providing the victims with food, water, and basic supplies. Many members themselves are stranded but the volunteers are helping anyone who is in distress, according to Madeel Abdullah, the director of humanitarian affairs, AMYA. They are expecting more volunteers as the roads get cleared and people from neighbouring cities can join them. They have some of their members going around in boats to ensure the safety of the stranded victims.

As one of the volunteers Mr. Rashid stated: “Your faith as Muslims and your identity as Americans need to hold you accountable. Whenever your fellow Americans are in need, you need to be the first ones on the ground to help them.” He doesn’t believe in letting his fellow Americans strand in a time of difficulty due to ill treatment of Muslims by a few. Many other organizations are also sending aid and volunteers to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

This article is written by Sadia Zafar. 

Written by Mvslim

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