Muslim Woman Dies After Gruelling Cancer Battle

A young, Muslim woman from the United Kingdom has tragically passed away after a 22-month battle with cancer.

Amani Liaquat, also known by her social handle, @Fight4Amani, had her first seizure back in 2020 after collapsing on her 22nd birthday. She was rushed to hospital and within hours was given a devastating diagnosis – a brain tumour.

After spending weeks undergoing numerous scans and surgery, she was finally discharged from the hospital the following month. But unfortunately, the results of a biopsy revealed that Amani had a rare form of cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme, Grade 4 (GBM4), H3K27 mutation, which is known for being highly aggressive. And the worst part was that it is particularly resistant to conventional treatments, and due to its position and depth, the doctors deemed it as inoperable.

Devastating news like that is enough to make anyone just want to give up, but Amani found the strength to raise awareness about her illness through a series of campaigns, interviews and using her social presence. Her Instagram profile, @Fight4Amani, gained thousands of followers who supported the 23-year-old throughout her battle.

One of her followers included a member of the British boyband, The Wanted. Tom Parker, who was also diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2020, connected with Amani for his documentary for Stand Up to Cancer UK titled Inside My Head, in the hopes that the two could collaborate to share their stories.

Speaking on Instagram, Amani’s mother, Yasmin, wrote that “Tom was so genuine, open & honest in sharing his experience. The conversation [between him and Amani] was so natural and, despite the topic being discussed, was often filled with laughter. This takes great courage and we thank him for sharing his journey with us.”

Credit: Instagram / @Fight4Amani

Despite all her positivity and influential work, Amani’s condition continued to deteriorate and in the early hours of yesterday morning (February 21st), she sadly passed away.

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. Amani passed away peacefully at home at 12.30 am this morning. We are heartbroken.

“Please remember Amani in your prayers,” her mum wrote.

Thousands of well wishes poured in for the 23-year-old and her family.

Credit: Instagram / @Fight4Amani

“Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajioon may Allah grant her the highest rank of Jannah and give your family comfort and patience during this time,” commented Muslim fashion blogger, Habiba Da Silva.

Tom Parker also sent his well wishes to the family, describing Amani as “incredible”, “bright” and “funny.”

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this extremely difficult time.