Nadiya Hussain Bakes Birthday Cake For the Queen’s 90th Birthday Party

Today Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 years old. Traditionally the Queen celebrates her birthday with a delicious cake. Last year’s winner of The Great British Bake Off Nadiya Hussain has been asked to bake her birthday cake. The 31-year-old baker announced on British television that she was going to make an orange drizzle cake with orange curd and orange buttercream and fondant.

In previous interviews the baking goddess explains how she got into baking. At home she didn’t used to have dessert after her meals. In secondary school Nadiya used to watch her teacher bake and after a while she was allowed to help her out. That was her source of inspiration. Many years later after winning the baking contest, she was giving a television interview and there she was surprised with a reunion with Mrs Marshall.

On the show she finally was able to announce the big news. Nadiya goes on and tells how her kids reacted: “The boys were great at keeping it a secret. I told my daughter and she said, ‘Oh Mary Berry? You’ve made lots of cakes for Mary Berry.’” She added: “I don’t even know if the Queen likes orange,” added Nadiya. “She might hate it!”

Well fingers crossed! We would like to congratulate Nadiya with this opportunity and we wish the Queen a happy birthday!

Written by Samira Abid

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Samira Abid is 19 years old and is studying Communication Management. She likes taking photographs, reading and learning new languages. When she has some time off, travelling is her way of filling the void.