Muslim Students in London only allowed to fast after explicit permission from headmaster

Muslim students in four primary schools in London are only allowed to fast during Ramadan when the headmaster gives them special permission to do so, as reported by BuzzFeed. The reason for this measure would be the welfare of the students.

In a letter, the acting headmaster of Barclay Primary School, Mr. Wright, says that he understands the significance of Ramadan within the Muslim community, but that the school’s Muslim students will not be allowed to fast during school hours because the school is concerned about their welfare. As stated in the letter, this policy will be implemented in the schools within the Lion Academy Trust. This extends to four schools across the city.



Students will only be allowed to fast if their parents have a meeting with the headmaster. “No child will be considered to be able to fast in school unless you have met with myself,” Wright wrote in the letter. This meeting would discuss how to best “ensure the safety and well being of your children while still ensuring they are part of the Ramadan celebration.”

However, Muslims under certain ages are not obliged to fast, which excludes most of the students in primary school. There’s also no explanation as to how this policy would be enforced. Unless force-feeding is an option, it seems pretty hard to prevent students from fasting.

Written by Hanan Challouki

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