Muslim Rock Band Raises $25k for Traditional Healer and his Disabled Son

Recently, Muslim rock band ‘7STATIONS’ put together a successful LaunchGood fundraiser campaign, that raised over $25,000 for a wheelchair accessible van for a prominent Muslim traditional healer and his disabled son.
Their debut music video illustrates a universal message of love, by highlighting the relationship between the healer and his son. The healer, Hakim Archuletta, is a prominent figure in the American Muslim community, who has worked in the healing arts for over three decades and has helped countless individuals in the global Muslim community and beyond.
Recently, Hakim’s wheelchair accessible van was totaled, and, as Hakim’s close friends, the band put together a successful fundraising campaign on the LaunchGood platform, which raised over $25,000. The success of the campaign drove the band’s music video. In admiration for Hakim’s work and relationship with his son, the band put together the music video for their debut album that commemorates Hakim and sends thanks to the fundraiser supporters. You can watch the music video here:

But who are the people behind 7STATIONS?

7STATIONS is a Muslim band from the Bay Area, that fuses Arabic Islamic spiritual poetry and traditional North-African melodies with modern musical styles. The band consists of two founding members, MHMD and Meek. MHMD is an Irish-American Muslim, born and raised. Meek comes from a Jewish background, and converted to Islam in the early 2000s. Together, they are on a musical journey to spread a universal message to the world through their rock renditions of the poetry of the Moroccan Shaykh, Muhammad ibn al-Habib, as well as other traditional Islamic songs.

Their debut album, “Electric Diwan,” consists of nine tracks. The first music video from the album accompanies the song “QAD BADA (Withdrawal into the Perception of the Essence).”

Written by Mvslim

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