Muslim judge sworn in with the Holy Quran instead of the Bible in court

Despite Donald Trump’s continued vitriol that all Muslims should be banned from entering the United States, there’s still hope: a Muslim woman took the oath as a judge in Brooklyn, swearing on the Quran.

Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo, took the oath as a civil court judge for the 7th Municipal District at the Brooklyn Burough Hall, after being elected last month, while swearing to abide by the U.S. constitution placing her hand on the Holy Qur’an, Morocco World News reported. Judge Walker took her oath respecting the sacred book of her Islamic faith, the Holy Qur’an, while also wearing a hijab.

Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo
Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo

In the United States and the majority of Western countries, politicians and members of the courts are sworn in to their positions while placing their hand on the Holy Bible when they take their oath.

A video posted on Facebook shows the moment when Judge Walker was sworn in as a civil court judge of the 7th Municipal District at the Brooklyn Borough Hall in New York City.

“All is praise is indeed due to the Most High! I am humbled that my community has entrusted me with the immense responsibility of ensuring that everyone has notice and a fair opportunity to be heard in the halls of justice,” Walker wrote on her website.

Carolyn received a Juris Doctor from the New York law school. She serves as the first vice-chair of Brooklyn community board 5, board chair of the George Walker Jr. Community Coalition, Inc., board member of the east New York restoration local development corporation, and a member of the 75th Precinct community council. She is also a trained mediator with the New York peace institute, according to her biography.

Congratulations, Your Honor!

Written by Jenifer Sayyed

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Dr. Jenifer Sayyed is a medical doctor by profession, with an interest in religious views.