Muslim in hit TV show ‘Prison Break’

It’s been almost 7 years since the last episode of Prison Break aired and Fox recently has announced a new season. The fans are very excited to see the old cast back on the screen, wondering how the story will continue since Michael Scofield (the main character on the show) was supposedly dead at the end of season 4. But one other character caught the eye as well: Benjamin Miles Franklin, better known as C-Note. The role of C-Note is portrayed by Rockmond Dunbar who recently took to Twitter to unveil his new look. And what a turnaround it was. The story will take place 10 years later than the original series and the new twist shows us how the world has ‘evolved’. Meet the new C-Note, everybody.

Wa alaykum salaam! Who would have expected this? Is he a Muslim now? Rumour has it that in season 5 Michael, Linc and the rest travel to Morocco, so perhaps they will encounter C-Note there. Now we started wondering why Benjamin would move to North Africa. This got us Muslim fans thinking on how they will portray him on the show. To be fair, the beard and taqiya does suit him quite well.

A week later he posted a selfie from the set with the older brother in the series. Again you can see him in the same outfit, which made me wonder if he washes his takiya often enough.


3 days afterward he posted a picture with 2 women wearing hijab, could they be part of the new cast?

We look forward to seeing what the story behind C-Note’s –supposed- conversion is. Did he get in touch with Islam when he moved to Morocco or before he left the States? Did aid him in his process? Either way, we can’t wait.

Written by Ermin Crljenković

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