Muslim Hipsters taking over: welcome to the world of Mipsterz

Do you know what a Mipster is? Well if you didn’t hear about this awesome community you’re definitely missing out on something. Mipsterz is a Muslim community where “Muslim hipsters” can find a place to be themselves.

The term “Mipsterz” was first used in 2012 in a small group of friends in New York. The group drew attention with a video of women in hijabs skateboarding and doing other things young people do. The community doesn’t only allow Muslim hipsters, there are many non-Muslims who have joined the community because they really like it. Thousands of Muslims and people with other faiths have joined the online community which currently exists as a Facebook group and a group email list. But they don’t all agree on the definition of a Mipster.

To CNN, Shaikley describes a Mipster as “a young Muslim American just trying to find a space for him- or herself unapologetically… reconciling multiple identities and doing it like a rock star.”

Layla Shaikley is the video’s art director and one of the women prominently featured in the video.

We need more people like this, with this kind of ideas because it’s wonderful how people can get together and do the things they like and love in peace. As Shaikley says: “Mipsterz has created a space where young Muslims can have open discussions, share their experiences and not be ashamed of who they are.” I think I might also join this community myself!

Written by Soufyan Harraoui

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Soufyan Harraoui is 19 years old and interested in everything that is related to computer science. He also loves writing poetry and taking photographs.