“Mr. President, I Think that You’re Scared. Scared of our Ambition and Talent.”

I am sure you are all aware of Trumps most recent racist comments regarding the four congresswomen of colour. He told them to go back to where they came from. The president of the United States of America, used the ‘Go back to your country’ card, and the world just did not care. If people are still in denial about the racist agenda of Trump, let this be the end of discussion.

Dear Mr. president, let’s get into the credibility of your comments. Here is a little fact check for you: three of the four congresswomen were born and raised in America. Representative Ilhan Omar obtained the American citizenship in 2000, which is 6 years earlier than your own wife, Melania Trump.  You see, you are talking about the United States as if you are an entitled native citizen. But you, too, are an immigrant.

It will never be enough

We, immigrant kids, of the second, third or fourth generations far, are completely sick of hearing the “Go back to your country” phrase. Hearing the president of the United States using it in a sorry attempt to discredit four talented women, is just a perfect example of how racism is embedded in every system worldwide. The president deliberately chose to ignore their professional achievements and reduced them to their ethnic background.

This mentality that every person of colour can relate to, shows that no matter how much you are ‘integrated’ in a society, no matter how big your achievements are, you will always be seen as an outsider. You will always have the feeling that you ‘owe’ the society you grew up in something. You will always have the feeling that you will never be enough.

We will rise

You know, Mr. President, I think that you are scared. You are scared because we are well spoken, you are scared because you notice our drive, ambition and talent. You are scared because unlike your followers, our minds are not enslaved by populist, bigot speeches. You are scared because you thought that by knocking us down, we would stay put.

But I am telling you: in name of all immigrants (kids), we are not going anywhere. We are staying. We do not owe you an apology for being here, and we do certainly not need your approval. Like Ilhan Omar, we tell you in Maya Angelou’s inspiring words: We will rise!