Moving People: Guerrilla Street Art Project about Refugees

Moving People is a guerrilla street art project that has been exhibited in the streets of Amsterdam and The Hague since September, 2015. The project doesn’t only focus on the recent refugees from Syria and Iraq but on refugees worldwide. According to the website there are 59 million refugees worldwide, who flee war, violence and suppression. Many people are not on their best behavior when it comes to the refugees, this makes the stories of the refugees even more “unimportant”. This is why the Power of Art House decided to launch this project.

The project wants to tell the stories as an eye opener for people who lost their empathy towards the refugees. They want people to look to refugees –their fellow people- in a different way. Without judging, Moving People wants to show that every refugee suffered but that they also want to keep their dignity.


You can find thousands of miniature sculptures in the streets of Amsterdam and The Hague. They chose for this format to depict “the hard reality in a cuddly form.” The enjoyable thing about this project is that you can also be a part of it because if you find a sculpture you are allowed to move it to a different spot but also by sharing a picture of a sculpture on social media and using #MovingPeople.

In total there are ten different sculptures based on ten personal stories. But every sculpture was reproduced 1001 times to reach a bigger audience. How amazing is that?!


To read all of their stories and to see the people behind the other sculptures definitely go and check out Moving People.

Source: Moving People, Power of Art

Written by Hafsa Elazzaoui

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Hafsa Elazzaoui is a 20-year-old language student with Arabic and English as her main courses. She has a passion for food and fashion.