More Than Thoughts And Prayers: Muslim Community Fundraises Thousands For Victims Of Florida Shooting

Wednesday last week, the world had to witness the devastation of what is now called the Florida Shooting, one of the deadliest school shooting in American history. With the assistance of three Islamic charity groups, directed by the South Florida Muslim Federation Inc, approximately $4,000 has been raised for the victims in less than two consecutive days.

An Islamic duty towards their neighbours

The three Muslim charity groups are raising money for the victims and their families after the tragic Florida shooting that occured on 14th February. 17 people deceased, and dozens were injured. All three charity groups, rallied under the South Florida Muslim Federation Inc., plan to raise their prime goal of $10,000. Their campaign on also calls for important blood donations, counseling services, and therapy sessions for students and teachers. “Our beloved Prophet Muhammed reminded us of our duties towards our neighbors”, their campaign page states.

“The only fund to support and help victims and families”

Their efforts were not in vain. Being referred to as the “deadliest school shooting” in the history of Florida, the money raised was provided to the local Broward Education Fund, in the aim to assist the victims and families affected. It has been said that this platform is “the only fund to support and help victims and families”.

Nikolas Cruz has been convicted of 17 counts of murder, having confessed to the crime scene upon his arrest after the end of the school shooting massacre in Florida. Several days now, students and teachers rallied the American streets to demand stricter gun control laws.

Written by Noor Siddiqui

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