Mohamed VI, The Cool King Of Morocco And His Style

Mohamed VI is the king of Morocco as he ascended to the throne on 23 July 1999. He was the oldest son of Hassan II and his wife, Lala Latifa Hammou, a Berber Princess. But you don’t have to look twice to notice that Mohamed VI is not a typical monarch. In 2000, the American news magazine Time referred to him as “The King of Cool”. His openness to the people has been an essential part of his more modern and approachable rule. “I feel the need to meet the citizens and see how they live (…) when I wave at them, I try not to greet the crowd but to greet people individually, to make eye contact.” the king said.

Recently, the king has become trendier, especially among youth. He gained popularity because of his special and unique style. The 54-year-old king takes royal fashion to a whole new level. Wearing flashy jellabas (long, loose-fitting outer robes) and pop-rock outfits, he has showed off his impressive off-duty style. His dress sense became an intriguing subject among Moroccans and therefore, they call him M6, which stands for Mohamed VI.

Let’s have a closer look:

A wool hat and round glasses combined with a hoodie (Ralph Lauren) including ethnic patterns.This is one of the outfits of Mohammed VI when he visited Amsterdam, March 2016.

A brown leather jacket over a black t-shirt featuring Moroccan taxis and green pants. Standing next to him, and the shop’s owner, is his wife, Princess Lala Salma, who kept it casual-chic in a floral print shirt.

Alongside the producer RedOne, the king is wearing a blue geometric print blazer, over a black t-shirt and black straight leg jeans, with his signature black frame glasses and varnished shoes.

Colourful jellabas

It’s all about statement blazers.

Yes, we definitely understand why he’s been called M6.