Modest fashion is a new trend – and not just for Muslims

Without a doubt, modest fashion has been making news these past few years. The industry is experiencing a significant rise in demand for modest fashion. Although this market is comprised mainly of Muslim women living in the East, there is a secondary market of Non-Muslims who are making a notable contribution to this demand and they include Christians, Jews, Orthodox and individuals seeking to cover their skin and be comfortable from all over the world. Moreover, because of this demand we are seeing more and more designers and entrepreneurs getting involved in this market.

Modest_fashion_for_everyoneMimi Hecht and Mushky Notik are Jewish sisters-in-law who have come together to create a brand Mimu Maxi which has become very common with women from all faiths. They offer modest clothing that balances mainstream culture and religious apparel. The two make oversized dresses which they believe will cater to the needs of those who had the same problem as them of not finding something modest to wear especially in summer.


Elizabeth Roy, a Christian modest blogger caters to women who would like to dress modestly irrespective of religion as long as what she shares matches their standards. She mentions that there is a demand for modest fashion from many women and with her blog she wishes to guide them through styling their modest clothing fashionably.


We are seeing celebrities get into the modest fashion trend in big numbers. Some are adapting to it for the sake of catching up with a trend while others do so because they really want to cover up their bodies. The Olsen twins have their own brand where they design luxury basics that are modest. Even being in the mainstream fashion industry, these two have always believed in modesty when others did not.


Overall, people are increasingly dressing modestly all around the world whether they are Muslim or not. Modest fashion has become cool and people have a different view towards it, therefore they also want to dress modestly. More and more entrepreneurs are also rising to cover up the demand that the mainstream was not able to realize for quite some time. There’s no doubt that an exciting trend may not exactly be a trend, but more a way of life!


This article is written by Islamic Fashion & Design Council. IFDC, a leading advocate for Islamic fashion, art and design professionals and aspiring talent, has an array of products, services, and effective training programs for all levels.

Written by Mvslim

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