Mississauga Mosque Raises Money to Repair a Vandalized Church

In Canada a Muslim man vandalized a church. When the imaam of the region heard what the man did, he was shocked. He visited the church and what he saw left him without words. The cross had been thrown on the ground, pages of the Bible were ripped out and the altar was destroyed.
“It was a very bad scene,” said Slimi. “The guy who did it ripped pages out of the Bible. He broke the altar. He threw the cross,” said Slimi. “When I saw this, I thought it was pure injustice. It was just wrong.”

When he returned to the mosque, the Muslims of Mississauga decided to raise money to help to repair the damage. In one day they managed to collect 5000 dollar.

Hessan, the father of the man who damaged the church, told the court that his son was upset with the Christian religion. His son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which he believed had caused his anger and imbalance. After reviewing the man’s mental health history, police decided they were “not proceeding with a hate crime because there was no evidence of mal-intent,” said spokeswoman Const. Fiona Thivierge.

Finally the police said that they were going to review the young man’s mental health history and not proceed with hate crime charges. Father Camillo lando thanked the Muslim community and told his congregation about the Muslim community on Sunday.

Source: The Independent

Written by Assia Loutfi

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