Michelle Obama tells young Muslim girls to go and fulfill their dreams

Today, 62 million girls around the world are not in school. That’s why First Lady Michelle Obama has started a new campaign called “Let Girls Learn.” The goal is to make sure young women around the world have the chance to go to school, The Huffington Post reports.

On Tuesday, she visited the Mulberry School for Girls, which is located in the east London neighborhood of Tower Hamlets. This area is known for its high percentage of Muslims. About 35 percent of its residents are Muslim. Because of the challenges of poverty, high unemployment and health inequalities, more than 75 percent of Mulberry’s students qualify for free school lunch. Comparing to her own experience growing up in a working-class family on Chicago’s South Side, Mrs. Obama said she is proud of the girls’ passion.

“I look out at all you young women and I see myself. In so many ways, your story is my story.”

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“Maybe you feel no one is paying attention to you, you wonder whether it’s worth it, to even aspire to be something great,” she told her young audience.

“Maybe you read the news and hear what folks are saying about your religion, and you wonder if anyone ever sees beyond your headscarf to see who you really are, instead of being blinded by the fears and misperceptions in their own minds.

“And I know how painful and how frustrating all of that can be. I know how angry and exhausted it can make you feel.

“But here’s the thing – with an education from this amazing school, you all have everything, everything, you need to rise above all of the noise and fulfill every last one of your dreams.”

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She couldn’t be more right since the school has been rated “outstanding” by the country’s education inspectors. Even though these girls are dealing with a lot of discrimination in daily life, their results outstrip national averages and 83% go to university.

Written by Hayat El Khattabi

Hayat Jamal is a 22-year-old History student. She likes to read, write and practice sports.