Meet the Molem Sisters and their Badass Cover of ‘Balance Ton Quoi’

‘Balance ton quoi’ is the new song from Belgian singer Angèle. It has been online for about week, and already influenced an activist cover of the song. Angèle’s new song talks about how men treat women in a condescending way. It addresses sexism in all its forms, from the slurs in popular rap music, to the harassment on the streets.

Molem sisters

This song inspired the ‘Molem sisters’ Nawal, Soraya & Sara,  to create a cover that talks about how they experience discrimination and sexism in regards to what they wear. Molem sister Sara Oualad had already been in the media for her reaction to the riots in Molenbeek on new year’s eve. She gave a strong and severe message in that video, addressed to the rioters. Sara is a young vlogster and marketing consultant who has been working to build a positive, more realistic image of her neighborhood and convictions.

In the videoclip, we can see how she is jogging through a park in a running-hijab. This can be seen as a reference to Decathlon who cancelled their sports hijab sale after they received backlash from politicians and lawmakers. While she is running, she is being harassed and followed by several people. She sings: ‘Maybe one day it will change, by trying to save me, you oppress me.’

The Molem sisters’ videoclip is starting to go viral with more than 140.000 views. All we can do is spread the love and creativity to help build a strong (Muslim) female community.

Check out the videoclip: