Meet Sadiq Khan, First Mayor of a European Capital With Islamic roots

Sadiq Khan decided to run for mayor of London with a simple vision for the city: he wants all Londoners to have the same opportunities that the city has given him. He convinced them with his vision and won the election with 44% of the votes.

Khan was born in South London, the fifth of eight children in a family of Pakistani immigrants. His parents moved to London in the 1960’s. His father worked as a bus driver for over 25 years, while his mother was a dressmaker.
He’s British and has roots in Asia, Pakistan to be specific. He’s a father of two daughters, married with a Londoner, a fan of Liverpool’s football team, a member of the political party Labour, a Muslim and the first mayor of a European capital with Islamic roots!

Khan began his career as a human rights lawyer. He saw how discrimination can have an impact on people’s lives. He defended people who are discriminated and ended up running a firm of fifty employees. Because of his history as a human rights lawyer, he decided to fight against discrimination everywhere he saw it! In 2005, Khan got elected as a Member of Parliament for Tooting, the area where he grew up.

Khan’s first ministerial post was Minister of State for Communities. There he worked with people of all faiths to promote greater understanding, including tackling Antisemitism and Islamophobia. As a Minister of State for Transport, he became the first Muslim and first Asian to attend Cabinet.

Written by Yassin Moussalli

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