Meet the Burka Avenger – Changing the World Covered and Powerful

It seems that after the recent DC and Marvel clashes, superheroes are becoming more popular. With Batman fighting Superman and Team Iron Man trying to win a war against Team Cap, more people with abilities are finding their self-confidence and coming out to help protect our world. We never asked questions regarding superheroes and their believes but that changed when Marvel Comics shocked the world by introducing the first Muslim superhero Miss Marvel. This was well taken by the world and apparently inspired more Muslim superheroes to come out and help in the war against evil. Who is this new superhero? Well meet The Burka Avenger!

The Burka Avenger originates from Pakistan and is the first “female” superhero ever to appear on Pakistinian television. The show is fully animated and it shows the life of a female teacher Jiya who educates children by day and kicks ass with knowledge by night. She is a master in a mysterious form of Kung Fu called “Takht Kabadi” using the book and pen. Legends says that a true master would wield a pen stronger than the sword.

Aaron Haroon Rashid is the creator of this Pakistani animated television serie and he did this to give children a rolemodel in a country where rolemodels are needed. He noticed that around 2010, a lot of schools were closed down due to extremists and while reading this he felt the responsibility as an artist to do something about it. He wanted to spread messages across the country to inspire children to educate themselves, to become intelligent and do something with their lives to break stereotypes and forms of oppression. At that moment, the Burka Avenger was born.

The Burka Avenger, like any other superhero or heroine, has a disguise and in this case it is a burka. This might seem controversial or oppressed but it’s not. Jiya chooses to wear the burka to hide her identity like Batman or Superman would.

Another stereotype the burka breaks is the part where Muslim women are not allowed to fight for their rights. Jiya is a Muslima and she uses her religion as an aid to help those in need. Haroon tries and hopes to bring forth the real Islam through Jiya, the Burka Avenger to visualize her as she is now.

Mvslim is all about inspiration and innovation and we believe that the Burka Avenger along with her producer fit right in. Who knows, Jiya might just become the next Avenger and fight besides Iron Man.

This article was written by Joenes Haia 

Written by Mvslim

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