Ameera Ahmad Harouda Puts Herself In Danger To Tell The Untold Stories of Gaza

The 32-year-old Ameera Ahmad Harouda is Gaza’s first female fixer; a local journalist hired by a foreign correspondent to help arrange a story. When she was a child , her family moved to Gaza from Libya and she had struggled to adjust to the society for a long time. Now, she is one of the tough pieces of her society.

Being a fixer and a journalist is difficult in Gaza. But when I hear the sound of shelling or bombing , I just head straight toward it, because I want to be there first , because these stories should be told.” she says. Running towards danger was not always easy for Ameera. In 2005,when she started , there were no women working as fixers in Gaza.

Her father got criticised for letting her alone when she first started. Even at the begining of her working at fields, her father would come along with her. Now she is married and a mother of 3. The hardest part is leaving the house early in the morning which means leaving her children. To deal with this situation , she always carries a picture of them. Ameera also mentions that she never knows if she will make it back to them. This is the other reason that she keeps a picture of her children.

‘’I do this job, because I believe if I didn’t, a huge part of the story about Gaza will be missing. There are some more stories I could tell you about my country and not all of them are bad. I love my country , despite the terrible situation we live in -siege, poverty, unemployment- but there is a life.’’ She said.

Beyond telling stories, Ameera conveys real events to real stories and she aims more than this. “I hope one day, I will get the chance to tell the stories of all the other women , all the other amazing women I know in my country. I hope that one day I can help more…’’

There is no doubt that Ameera Ahmad will continue make her dreams real one by one and it seems like we will also write more about her in the future.

This article is written by  Nur Demir 

Written by Mvslim

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