Media and the Rise of Discrimination Against Muslims

Recently, the world has seen a rise in the levels of discrimination around the world. Whether it is about origin, sexual orientation, or identity, religious beliefs or race in general, discrimination finds its own way by addressing the act of one person to an entire group of people. Waiting for an incident to make a rage even if it is based on the wrong information, for example: the Orlando mass shooting and how the media titled him as a Islamic terrorist while he was a gay man with a Muslim name.

It is widely known now that some media does the best to brain wash those who listen by broadcasting the wrong image of Muslims and inventing terms such as “radical Islam” giving around more than 1.6 billion people worldwide the name “terrorists”. I remember a couple of months ago while checking the news and reading that the police broke into an apartment of one of the suspects of the incident in Brussels and found the Quran. The first questions that came into my mind were: What would this type of news coverage promote? Does that mean that anyone who has the Quran at home is a terrorist? And I found no answer.

With all the news propagandas and the attack on Muslims, it is hard preventing discriminative activities, not only against Muslims but also against people of other races and beliefs. Sikhs get attacked a lot, just because of how they look, Jewish women wearing tichel/turbans and men who have dark beards have the same unlucky fate.

But what is terrorism? Is it a word that only refers to Islam? Here is an answer: Terrorism means to put fear and terror in a creature’s heart, human or not, in a way or another. It doesn’t have to be killing, threatening and torture of all their kinds are terrorism too. Some scholars say it started in the early centuries and it had nothing to do with religions but with territories and ruling.

What the media does is putting people in categories and classifying them, so that each category has its traits. If someone has these specific traits, the media defends them, and if not, it tries to get this person out of the propaganda by making excuses like mental health, oppression, or anger problems. No need to say that whoever commits a crime such as a mass shooting, usually suffers from these problems, so why are we even categorizing?

This teaches us many lessons like not depending on a single news source and defending the truth with whatever it takes.

This article is written by Marwa Sallam 

Written by Mvslim

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