Mecca Was Live on Snapchat and It Was Beautiful

Since one year now, Snapchat has this new feature called Snapchat Live that allows people from all over the world to take a look at a certain city or country. During this live stream the local people can upload their Snapchat video for the whole world to see. Or at least those who have a Snapchat account. On the 13th of July, it was Mecca’s turn to go live. And the success of this livestream was beyond expectations.

After the controversy about the Tel Aviv livestream that went live on the same day as al Quds day, which is a day where people show their solidarity for the situation in Palestine, it was the main subject of many lobbying campaigns to get Mecca, where millions of pilgrims are on Umrah, on the Live Snapchat story. The main goal was to show people worldwide how beautiful and peaceful the pilgrimage is. Especially to the so called ‘outsiders’, because for non-Muslims it is impossible to enter the Holy City of Mecca.

The results were wonderful, Muslims gathering together for prayer, people preparing food to distribute for free, seeing them share their iftar together and many other sacred moments were shared for the whole world to see. If you missed the Mecca livestream, here are some of the beautiful images that were shown.





If you’re already amazed by this, wait till you see the heart-warming responses from people on social media. On Twitter for example the hashtag #Mecca was trending and people were sharing their amazement. And when I say people I’m not only referring to Muslims, many Non-Muslims shared their thoughts on this livestream and they were absolutely beautiful.


Isn’t it lovely when people regardless of their faith support each other by sending out these heartwarming messages? I say that the whole goal of getting Mecca on the livestream was definitely reached and thank you Snapchat for allowing these people to show the beauty of the pilgrimage!

Written by Mvslim

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