Maxi dresses and boyfriend jeans: my must-haves for summer

Packing your bags to go on a holiday isn’t always as fun and enjoyable as it sounds. You’re not sure what clothes to take with you or your bag is always too full. I mean… we’ve all been there.

I have Moroccan roots, and I go to Morocco almost every summer, with my family. Out of respect for the culture and ways of living there, I dress a little bit more modest. If you just rolled your eyes at the word ‘modest’, relax. Dressing in a more modest way does not mean you have to give up on your personal style nor does it mean that you have to dress like your grandmother. You can still keep your style but with a little twist. To keep it clear and simple: there are two main pieces that always save me during my holidays. Keep in mind that these pieces are one hundred percent adjustable to your style. You can choose how to wear them: some people like to show a little more skin than others.

So first things first, the maxi dress! I know a lot of people always think of the colorful bedazzled dresses with lots of glitter and pearls, but trust me there are many different kinds of maxi dresses. So if you’re not into all the glam, don’t worry. There’s a dress for everyone. The fun thing about these kind of dresses is that you can find the one that perfectly fits your style. Whether you like a side split, a low V-neck or one that doesn’t show too much skin.

Add a denim jacket to your dress and you have the effortless Jamila-from-the-block kind of look (see what I did there?). You can still try something else like a nice blazer and some comfy heels and you’re good to go for a night out. The main up about maxi dresses is that you can create more than 10 different looks if you switch up the jacket, the shoes and some accessories. Plus, let’s be honest girls, when it’s a hundred degrees out there you really don’t feel like wearing 10 different layers. A comfy, flowy dress is just perfect for warm summer days.

Those of you who are reading this and think ‘’cool but I hate dresses”, no stress. If you feel more comfortable in a pair of pants, that is totally okay. There’s a perfect item that can also give you that effortless summer look. It’s called the boyfriend jeans. These kind of pants are ideal for every body type. Whether you’re a curvy girl or a skinnier one, if you find the right fit for you, it will look amazing no matter what type of body you have. Just like with the maxi dress, there are a thousand different kinds of boyfriend jeans. There’s the basic ones, the ripped ones, black denim, washed out denim, … And depending on what you wear on top of it, you can create many looks. Wear an oversized T-shirt and you get the casual look. Change the shirt into a nice blouse if you want to look more sophisticated. Boyfriend jeans have the power to give you this really chill look as if you woke up and just threw something on. Little do they know that it took you 5 hours of awkward staring in the mirror and 200 selfies to your friends, trying to create the perfect look.

Written by Mvslim

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