Mansoor Anis – One of The World’s Youngest Pilots Breaks Records at the Age of 13!

Flying an airplane is hard, and it takes a long time to master the craft. But not for this teenager from Sharjah, UAE. DPS student, Mansoor Anis became the youngest person to ever pilot a plane. The flight took place on August 30 and was about 10-12 minutes long. The young pilot was inspired by his uncle and always dreamed of becoming a pilot for Emirates or Etihad Airlines.

Mansoor always had a passion and interest in aviation. His uncle, a pilot for an Indian based-private airline first taught him how to ride a plane using a simulator which sparked his interest. That’s when he decided to become a pilot and began to study the science behind it. It wasn’t until he was 13 that he actually pursued a proper training with a plane. In his own words, flying a plane is very different from using a simulator. We can only imagine what it must be like. He moved with his mother to Canada to train at the AAA Aviation Flight Academy in the city of Langley. Obviously they were hesitant to accept him, his young age being an issue. But after seeing his skills they accepted him immediately.

And that’s not all. His first solo flight took place after just 25 hours of training, breaking a previous world record of 25 hours. He said that his first solo flight wasn’t easy and that the hardest part for him was landing the plane.

“I was most nervous about the landing. It’s really tough. It had taken me much time to learn how to land properly” he said in an interview with Khaleej News.

His family and friends are very proud of him, his father particularly. And what parent wouldn’t be. His son is the youngest pilot to pilot a solo flight and has broken numerous records. They say that the sky is the limit but not for this kid. He is unstoppable and that is his advice to other children his age. Don’t be scared, have fun and fulfil your dreams.

This article is written by Sadia Zafar.  

Written by Mvslim

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