Make a difference: what I’ve learned from Malcolm X

You know there’s that specific moment in your life where you catch yourself wondering what you’ve already achieved in your life or want to achieve? The reason why you do such things or why you choose not to take that path or go for that decision? How you handle things in life or where you see yourself in ten years?

The power of time

As you hear people say: time is infinite. But that doesn’t apply to humans. Time is so powerful that it neglects the stability that we are used to. We’ve got a limited period of time in which we are trying to give every single moment or action in our lives a value. With that uncertainty about time and the impermanent vitality people are given in this life, they realise: I want to give my life a purpose, I want to make a difference.

A few days ago we remembered the day on which this legendary person was born, whose only purpose in life was to achieve dignity and equal rights for every human being. To create justice, human dignity, peace and freedom in all manners. You know whom I’m talking about: Malcolm X.

Malcolm X: fighting for our rights

Despite his damaged childhood and a lot of downs throughout a given period of time in his life, he knew what he wanted to accomplish. He was so ready to be the voice of all the people who weren’t treated equally as the white people. Malcolm X became the prominent man in the United States. He was the one who had spread Islam in the black community. He fought against black supremacy and discrimination, for human rights and so on.

Yet all those problems the minorities had to endure didn’t manifest themselves only in the United States. He was the voice of all the others in the rest of the world too. He pushed people to fight for their rights.

Well, it’s funny to me how these ‘problems’ that occurred decades ago are still problems we all have to endure today. In every corner of the world so many people are being killed because of their boundless demand and passion to make a positive change in this world. It’s like a never ending horror story.

But then I ask myself: for what? Equal human rights? To fight against racism? Discrimination? To reduce poverty? I can give you endless examples. It’s clear as a bell that they die because of something they aren’t even responsible of. How cynical.

History repeats itself. Well, that might be true, but why do I find that these problems have never ended? It’s like we’re trapped in a vicious circle. Malcolm X was assassinated by some people who clearly were against his ideas and beliefs. But still, so many years after his death his own spoken words still mesmerize people and admire them to go after their own purposes in life.

The only thing I know, is that one day we will succeed. We will make a difference together and we will make this world a better place.

Written by Elif Car

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