Love Always Beats Hate: 50.000 People Come Together to Fight Racism and Neo Nazism At Concert in Germany

Over 50,000 people came together for a free rock concert in Chemnitz, Germany. The concerts motto was #wirsindmehr (‘There are more of us’) and its main aim was fighting racism and violence.

The concert was held on the same spot where different demonstrations of the extreme right groups were held for the past few days. These demonstrations were held after the incident where a German Cuban man was stabbed to death. The two suspects are a 23 years-old Syrian and a 22 years-old Iraqi. This caused many xenophobic incidents to happen afterwards.


The message of the concert was very clear: ‘There are more of us’. The German newspaper ‘Bild’ reported that the organizers planned the event for around 20.000 people, but the actual number of people who attended the concert is almost 65.000.

After a minute of silence for the victim, the concert started with performances by the famous German punk band ‘Die Toten Hosen’ and the indie band ‘Kraftklub’. Although the music was not everyone’s favorite, it was more about the message of fighting racism and hate that attracted people from around Germany.


The singer of Kraftklub, Felix Brummer told Bild : “We do not live in the illusion that we can save the world with just one concert. But sometimes it is important to show that you’re not alone in this.”

The concert was supported by the Foreign Minister Heiko Maasand the chancellor Angela Merkel, who had urged Germans to mobilize against hate.

Written by Mvslim

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