London Muslims Organized a Green Iftar – Without Plastic, Food Waste or Meat

A group of London Muslims has organized a Ramadan iftar where bowls of soup made from foraged nettles and home-grown vegetable stew were the main dishes to raise awareness about limiting food waste.

Participants in the event at Rumi’s Cave, a London venue that hosts courses for millennial Muslims and open-mic nights, had to bring their own cutlery and crockery, as well as containers for leftovers. Wherever possible, the food was locally sourced – including the nettles used to make the classic British soup, which grow in the wild, and the home-grown vegetables, Straitstimes reports.

“Our emphasis is on ethically-sourced, seasonal food – no meat and no dairy – while plastic forks and straws and disposable plates are nowhere to be seen,” the organizer Jumana Moon told Straits Times on May 30. “It’s about trying to reconnect our responsibility to nature as part of our worship not a separate hobby or interest,”

The event was held in cooperation with “the Rabbani Project” at Rumi’s Cave, a London venue that hosts courses for millennial Muslims and open-mic nights. There were readings from the Qur’an that focused on the importance of caring for the environment, while the fruit seeds participants ate were collected for replanting or composting.

“The green iftar underscored the importance in Islam of eating food that was sustainable and wholesome,” participant Sohaib Elnahla said. Moon expressed that “It’s a message that is absolutely vital in this day and age. Piles of left-over food and plastic plates often spill out of bins at the end of iftar meals.”

And it’s an important decision, in a time where oceans are filled with plastic!

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