Lindsay Lohan Changed Her Instagram Bio to “Alaikum Salam” – And Everyone’s Going Crazy

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, well-known for many famous movies like Mean Girls, recently changed her Instagram description to “Alaikum Salam” which means “Peace be upon you too” in Arabic. This sentence is often used by Muslims when greeting each other and is known to be a sign of mutual respect.

Above that, Lindsay Lohan also deleted all pictures on her Instagram feed, which made people question whether or not she really converted to Islam.


Deleting all of her pictures can be interpreted as Lindsay Lohan wanting to start off with a ‘clean slate’ in her life. A new Lindsay with a new religion.

Her changes on the popular social media channel didn’t go unnoticed at all. Some people even used it as a confirmation and congratulated her for converting, even though this hasn’t been confirmed by Lindsay or anyone else.

It’s no secret that Lindsay has been showing sympathy and fascination for the Islamic religion though, as she has been spotted with a headscarf and a Quran in her hands before.


Whether she became a Muslim or not, is something people can agree or disagree on. But what’s really important is the fact she takes the time to consider her personal beliefs and reads into a certain religion that speaks to her instead of assuming things or making rushed decisions.

She tries to find the true meaning behind a religion, takes her time to observe her inner needs to see if a certain religion will help her be the best and true version of herself. A version that tries to do good to people and contributes to society.

Lindsay Lohan shows that everyone can determine truth for themselves.

It’s possible to reject all the negative emotions the media and politics are trying to force upon you. By reading about things and staying with people who can show you instead of tell you.

My very close friends, who have been there for me a lot, in London, are Saudi and they gave me the Quran and I brought it to New York because I was learning and it opened doors for me to experience and spiritually to find another true meaning,” Lindsay said.

Whether or not Lindsay is converting to Islam is definitely her own business and we hope she’ll make a decision that will help her give meaning to everything in her life.

But one thing is for sure, Lindsay; you’re doing a pretty good job at having the world wondering.

Written by Donjetë Vuniqi

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