Let’s Reminisce About New York Fashion Week’s Stunning Street Style

New York Fashion Week February 2017 has come and gone. Incredible designers and brands such as Anna Sui, Gypsy Sport, Jeremy Scott, and Anniesa Hasibuan were able to show their Autumn/ Winter collections as the city celebrated the creative nature of the industry. While the models were decked out in beautiful garments that portrayed each designer’s vision, the attendees put on their own show in the streets.

Fur is a must to endure the cold winter weather. She is embracing the recent velvet trend that has sparked in recent months with her pants.

Stripes are an anticipated trend of the Spring/Summer 2017 season. She also brought a little bit of professionalism to the NYFW scene with a blazer.

Embroidery has recently sprung up on nearly every single piece of clothing from jackets to shoes. Leather is also a classic that continue to pop up with new twists nearly every season.

This attendee brought her cool to NYFW in all black and round John Lennon style sunglasses.

A friend is a necessity at NYFW. These two posed together in fur and patterns that add a little fun to their look.

This attendee paired her flowing dress with a varsity jacket to add an edge to the softness of the outfit.

Sweatshirt material has become a trend recently while the color pink has also become more popular over the past year.

All the attendees really brought their all to the streets and everyone took advantage of the free environment that NYFW has to offer. The week is all about allowing people to express themselves through their clothing and overall appearance while allowing designers to do the same with their collections. It is truly a beautiful time and New York is one of the blessed cities that are able to host such an amazing event for each season.

This article was written by Asma Elgouz and the pictures were taken by Gigi Elgouz

Written by Mvslim

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