The Lashqar Sisters: The Mechanic Duo That’s Breaking Stereotypes

These girls have a dream. A dream to fully embrace their talent and interest in cars. Rajae and Najlae Lashqar, two sisters from Morocco are set to break the stereotype by becoming  mechanics, they’re all set to make the jumpsuits their most fashionable working attire and to have fun with the grease.

Not only have they wished to make their dream come true and break the monopolized field by men, both of them are currently completing their second year of studying being the only ladies in their class. After their studies it is their dream to open their very own garage, a garage that is ‘by women for women’, called Princess Auto. They want women to be able to send their cars for fixing without having to ask men to assist them.

Their dreams were realized with the help of the Let Girls Learn Foundation and with current effort made by Morocco to build their women to be more competitive in the working world. Let Girls Learn wishes to assist in making this effort by Moroccan to come through. Currently Morocco has been making great effort in promoting gender parity in access to education.

This effort is important to overcome the economic and cultural challenges that still hinder girls access to quality education. With a help by Let Girls Learn, girls like the Lashqar sisters have a chance to make their dream come through. Let Girls Learn is an initiative by the President and First Lady of the United States to help more than 62 million girls around the globe.

Muslim women are put at a high standard in Islam. Not only were they mentioned in the last sermon by our beloved Prophet to be treated with respect. In his life, women were encouraged to be educated, teach, and pursue to do more. There was even a surah dedicated to a women in the Quran. The Lashqar sisters are not only pursuing or embracing their passion. They are showing to the world that Muslim women are not deprived or oppressed. Any Muslim woman is given a chance to pursue in the same field pursued by men.

Written by Hanna Lockman

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