Land of the Pyramids, Pharaos and Holy Cats: 9 Places You Should Really Visit in Egypt

Egypt is one of those countries everybody knows about. We all grew up with knowing about the amazing piramids, the cruelty of pharaos and the beautiful Nile. For experts of the Middle East, Egypt is often seen as the central point of Islamic history, connecting different countries and events with each other. For lovers of music, Egypt represents the beautiful voice of ‘the mother of the world‘, Umm Kalhtum, and let’s be honest, we’ve al danced on ‘Amr Diab’s ‘habibi, ya nour al ‘ain‘. If this doesn’t convince you to book a trip to Egypt, these 9 places most certainly will.

1) Saint-Catherine Monastery in Sinai

This beautiful monastery in Egypt is UNESCO world heritage site. You can find world’s oldest continally operating library at the foot of mount Sinai. The monastery library preserves the second largest collection of early manuscripts in the world, only the Vatican Library has a larger collection! The texts are in different languages: Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Coptic, Aramaic, Arabic, Albanian and Caucasian.

2) Siwa, Egypt’s mesmerizing oasis

This oasis is a very popular tourist attraction, reminding them of paradise in the middle of a desert.

3) Farafra: White desert

Farafla is mostly inhabited by bedouines. As a result of sandstorms, massive chalkrocks have been formed in this area.

4) Fiord Bay

5) The tempels of Luxor

6) Khan al-Khalili

Khan al-Khalili is the biggest souk in the world. The souk is named after a mamluk prince.

7) Whale Valley

National Geographic

In this valley, various fossels have been found of the earliest forms of whales! The site has been added to the list of UNESCO’s protected World Heritage sites.

8) Felucca trip on the Nile

9) Qaitbay Citadel, Alexandria

This 15th century fortress has many stories to tell! The fortress was built as a defense against the treat of the Turks.

Egypt is not only deserts and pyramids, but has a diverse and beautiful landscapes, monuments, museums and places. We are in love!

Written by Mayada Srouji

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Mayada Srouji is a 23-year-old student Gender and Diversity at the UGent and has a bachelor in Arabic and Islamic Sciences, with a minor in political and social sciences. She is interested in women rights, philosophy, literature and history.