Kiss Me Through The Phone: This Is Why Muslim Dating Apps Are On the Rise

Nowadays, dating apps have an important role in the love relationships of many people. They have weaseled their way into our daily lives without us even realizing it. Muslim dating apps have also become more popular and get more and more subscribers every year. These apps are focusing on marriage-orientated individuals who are eager to find their soulmate. Their presence of these apps in the life of many Muslims is completely transforming the way of finding a Muslim partner.

Dating apps have many benefits and can make, in some ways, dating easier. You can, for example, select partners based on particular characteristics and shared beliefs. This way the apps make sure your partners are narrowed down to what you prefer.

A way for more independence

But why?  For a lot of Muslim users, it’s a way to gain more self-determination, especially in more conservative families where their is a lot of interference of the family. The user can determine for him/herself what kind of partner s/he is looking for and make autonomously contact with them.

Online matchmaking can reduce the shyness, according to some Western Muslims. It also lowers the pressure of finding the one right away, and, therefore, it boosts your self-esteem.

Lastly, it’s not really easy these days to find a partner easily. There’s still a lot of gender-segregation in many Islamic communities, making it harder to find a partner. Being surrounded mostly by people with the same gender, is not a very efficient way to find the love of your life. Dating apps are a way to chat with persons you wouldn’t get in contact with in your daily life. A plus side (and for many people an important benefit) is that there are no noisy people trying to shame you.


Even though the apps are on the rise, there are still a lot of young Muslims who are a bit skeptic about the whole thing. They prefer their parents’ involvement and meeting people in real life without screening them first. There is some kind of ease about meeting someone randomly who you bond with, even though they don’t match all your “requirements”. Focusing on characteristics can lead to missing out on people who are really fascinating and possible soul mates, even though they are completely different than you are!

In the end, it all depends on who you feel comfortable with. You could find that person online or right across the street. Love is beautiful, either way!

This article was written by Ghofrane Sbai

Written by Mvslim

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