Kevin Hart Will Help You Answer These Awkward Questions Muslims Get

Muslims have dealt with many ridiculous stereotypes thrown at them. We’ve always had a way to deal with those – often ignorant – statements. Sometimes we’d try and explain the bizarre stereotypes, but on occasions we have no words, only facial expressions.

Kevin Hart is a worldwide known comedian and actor who’s done many stand-up comedy shows and collaborated in many blockbuster movies with famous actors, which he all executed hilariously. He’s very famous among this generation’s youth, including the Muslim youngsters.

Today we’ve come up with a list of awkward things Muslims around the world get asked often. These questions are not a way to ridicule the non-Muslims, but to debunk certain stereotypes.

1. Do you hate the fact that you can’t eat pork?


2. Do you wear your hijab at home as well?


3. So how do you guys party without drinking alcohol?


4. You’re Muslim, but you’re not an Arab?


5. Are all Muslim women oppressed?


6. Do Muslim women shower with their hijab on?


7. But you don’t look like a Muslim?


8. Do you guys hate Jews?


9. You can’t eat during Ramadan? Isn’t that dangerous?


So, which awkward questions have you ever heard? Let us know in a comment!


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Written by Mansour Jamal Ibrahim

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Mansour Jamal Ibrahim is a 22 years old and studies to become a business engineer. His main interests are history, languages, economics and modern technologies.