It’s time you get to know these 10 awesome Muslim vloggers

Everyone knows about YouTube and its thousand creators. You’re probably subscribed to some of them too. But you might not be following any Muslim vloggers yet. Just like all the other vloggers, they’re using YouTube to share their personal content for your entertainment. Here’s a list of some vloggers you should definitely look out for!

1. Dina Tokio

Dina Tokio is a half Egyptian, half English beauty vlogger on YouTube. She makes videos where she shows how she does her make-up, or a lookbook where she displays multiple outfits. Torkia, which is her real last name, has a bunch of tutorials where she talks about her experiences as a Muslim woman in our society. 

2. Amenakin

This beauty guru, Amena, is a successful business woman. She has been making videos since 2006 and is also running a company called ‘Pearl Daisy’. Amena sells all kinds of clothing and accessories. Her speciality is hijabs, but she also sells long dresses and cover-ups. On her YouTube channels she posts make up tutorials and videos where she talks about her daily life.

3. ZaidAliT

Zaid Ali is a South Asian Muslim who makes funny videos just like any other Youtuber, such as sketches about the typical ‘Muslim parents’. Just a lot of content where all Muslims can relate to. Although he hasn’t been active for a while, his videos are definitely worth your time.

4. Adam Saleh

Probably one of the best known Muslim Youtubers out there is, Adam Saleh. The American Adam with Yemeni roots makes a lot of funny videos where he pranks people in public!

5. SaimaSmilesLike

This young British vlogger who lives in Cardiff has been making beauty videos for 5 years. Not only make up and hijab tutorials, Saima also likes to tell funny and awkward stories about her past. The beauty guru has several lookbooks and vlogs, she also loves to give advice to young Muslim girls.

6. FouseyTube

This hilarious Youtuber, called Yousef, has a very successful channel. He reaches a huge audience with his pranks and other funny videos. With his 7 million subscribers, he’s the number one most subscribed Muslim on YouTube!

7. Baba Ali

Ali Ardekani, also known as Baba Ali is a comedian, games developer, businessman, actor and YouTuber. He studied multiple religions, and ended up converting to Islam when he was 20 years old. Ali has produced multiple web series, including The Reminder Series and Ask Baba Ali. He tries to make hilarious content while keeping it Halal.

8. AsoOmiiJay

Aso is a Canadian Muslim who posts social experiments, most of the times there are Muslims involved. The ‘Blind Trust Project’ is the video that went viral. A Muslim man stands with his arms wide open, but there is a twist. During that experiment, the man is blindfolded and has 2 signs. One says: ‘I am Muslim. I am labelled as a terrorist.’ And the other sign: ‘I trust you, do you trust me? Give me a hug.’ There was a lot of positive feedback!

9. Sabina England

Sabina is an extraordinary woman. She is an Indian Muslim who is deaf, but she doesn’t see that as a disability. She writes short films, poetry and is a performing artist. When Sabina performs poetry, she uses American Sign Language, multimedia, music, mime, storytelling and dance. You can find all her work on her YouTube channel!

10. Nadira037

Nadira is a creative fashion blogger on YouTube. She shows her subscribers how to make dresses, hijabs, skirts and many other things! This channel is perfect for the creative minds who like to create things.