It’s Official: Tomorrow is Eid Al Fitr (For Most Countries At Least)

Big news! The official Saudi Supreme Judicial Council announced on Thursday night that the moon of Shawal has been seen in Saudi Arabia. That means that Eid El Fitr in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates will start on Friday. Meanwhile, the crescent has also been seen in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Turkey, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan.

So in those countries, the Holy Month of Ramadan will be ended tomorrow in the most beautiful way. It isn’t the case in all countries though. As long as the crescent isn’t officially seen, Eid Al Fitr cant be announced. That is the case in Bangladesh, Iraq, India and Morocco. The meteorological department in Pakistan announced Thursday night that Eid Al Fitr will probably be on Saturday.

While Ramadan is ending, we hope that you got the most out of this month and we wish you a blessed Eid!

Written by Ismail Eddegdag

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Ismail Eddegdag is 19 years old and studies Communication. He has an interest in travelling, current events, history, literature and foreign cultures.