Israeli War Planes Bomb Southern City of Khan Younis in Gaza

Last night it was reported by Palestinian news station, WAFA, that Israeli war planes launched airstrikes in the southern city of Khan Younis in Gaza.

Footage of the violent explosions has been re-shared to social media, with multiple pro-Palestine accounts providing updates as and when they were happening. So far, no exact details have been released on how many people were affected by the severity of the blasts but it was confirmed by the Palestinian Health Ministry that no one was killed.

It was said that Israeli forces targeted a “resistance site” in the area, adding that these missiles were used to “strike-down” a Hamas plane.

“The IDF considers Hamas responsible for what unfolds in the Gaza Strip,” a statement from the Israeli Defence Forces confirmed.

A similar attack occurred last year during Ramadan, which led to a full-scale military operation lasting 11 days. Dozens of Palestinians were killed and injured during the attacks.

Credit: Twitter / @theimeu

The news comes after tensions in Palestine have been reaching an all-time high yet again. It was reported that 150 Palestinians were left injured after Israeli forces brutally attacked Muslims praying in Al-Aqsa.

Medics at the scene claimed that the number of people injured has continued rising as the armed officers took to the surrounding areas of the holy site to continue their assault on worshippers during the month of Ramadan.

According to Palestine Red Crescent, most of the Palestinian injuries on Friday and Saturday were incurred by rubber bullets, grenades and beatings with police batons.

Videos of the attacks were posted to social media, with many left speechless watching the intense violence used against unarmed civilians. In one video, you can see an Israeli officer wearing riot gear running up to a woman holding a camera and striking her with a baton. She screams out in pain, while others around her shout for him to leave her alone.

Another video saw IDF soldiers shoving elderly Palestinian men into a huddle, in an attempt to get them away from Al-Aqsa.

“0% regard, respect, humility, humanity for anyone but their own Israeli apartheid selves. If they can shamelessly do this to the elderly in public, in front of cameras, at places of worship, during holy events. What when camera off,” wrote one user.

Credit: Twitter / @theimeu

In a pathetic attempt to defend their actions, the Israeli foreign ministry said dozens of masked men carrying Palestinian and Hamas flags marched to the compound early on Friday and gathered “stones.”

“Police were forced to enter the grounds to disperse the crowd and remove the stones and rocks, in order to prevent further violence,” it tweeted.

Even if that was the case, how does that explain attacking unarmed civilians? If there were so-called Hamas terrorists inside the holy site, how did the attention divert to attacking worshippers? And not only that, how did over 150 people get injured, including in the surrounding areas? That woman with the camera and those elderly men that were being shoved definitely looked like they were about to do some damage with those stones, didn’t they?

This isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed chaotic scenes like this. Last year, during Ramadan, Israeli forces also stormed Al-Aqsa and bombarded worshippers with the same bullets and grenades as seen in recent attacks.

This is absolutely unacceptable. And during one of the holiest weekends for all people of Abrahamic faiths? Disgusting.

May God lighten the burden for Palestinians and finally free them from the torment of these oppressors.