Islamic Fashion “Demands Attention” says IFDC at Government Conference on Halal Products

Dubai, UAE, June 2015: This market is huge and demands our attention! These were the words of Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) Founder and Chairwoman, Alia Khan, who spoke on the relevance, growth and opportunities within the global Islamic fashion and design sectors on Monday 15 June, at the Address Hotel Dubai Mall where the Dubai government;s conference on Halal Products was held.

“With the global demand making this a trillion-dollar industry, we can no longer overlook the importance of this valuable consumer, nor the thousands of stakeholders, designers, artists, architects and more that cater to the iFash™ and iDez™ sectors,” said Khan, who presented on Islamic fashion and design industry developments as well as the importance of understanding who the consumer is. Khan’s dynamic presentation highlighted a young and fresh consumer-demographic, growing in sophistication and spending power. “It’s important to know this consumer and understand their lifestyle, if you can win them over you have a loyal customer for life.”

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The conference on compliance requirements and potential markets for halal products was presented by Dubai Exports, the export promotion agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, in association with the Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (ESMA). As part of the official launch, IFDC joined the morning’s distinguished guests as a contributor to the development of the halal lifestyle sector.

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“At IFDC, we are pleased to be on the forefront of developing and supporting this market, because we clearly see its capacity and potential. We are also humbled to be in a position that allows us to rebrand iFash™ (IFDC’s word for Islamic Fashion) and iDez™ (IFDC’s word for Islamic Design) in a way that will make the rest of the world stop and take notice of this fresh, energetic and stylish sector!” added Khan.

The conference was organised in the context of Dubai’s march towards being the capital of Islamic economy and aimed to increase awareness among local businesses on halal requirements, encourage manufacturers to obtain halal certification and promote local halal products in markets overseas.

“Export of Islamic products and services is critical to achieving the vision of our leadership to establish Dubai as the capital of Islamic economy by 2016,” commented Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Exports. “Dubai Exports has been working with local exporters helping them to acquire world class competencies and tap existing and emerging market opportunities. The global halal market is estimated to be worth AED 8.4 trillion (US$2.3 trillion) annually and the halal foods sector alone is worth AED 2.5 trillion. We are confident that our local firms can capture a sizeable share of this business with adequate update on market trends and halal standards.”

Written by Hanan Challouki

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