Is a new show about a Muslim leader starting on Netflix?

Two passionate film directors and actors have decided to start a film project about a very important historical Muslim leader known as one of the most chivalrous people in history. His name is Salahadin Eyyubi. He has played a big role in the regaining of Jerusalem and became the first Muslim leader of Egypt and Syria. This big project came to life after one of the directors, Ahmad Hussam, was asked to play a stereotypical terrorist or any other violent criminal when entering acting studios for the first time.

Breaking the stereotype

As much as the media shows a different picture of Muslims or Islam, Hussam, who plays the role of Salahadin, didn’t want to narrow down his acting roles to violent characters only and accept the offer to play a terrorist. He and his co-partner Nick Armero decided to translate this whole idea into both a story and proof that other non-white Muslims or any other Muslim in general can play whomever or whatever role they want.

Why Netflix?

This project has already raised about $84,000 on KickStarter but to make this show happen they came up with this whole campaign #Netflixlisten, mainly to get the attention of the CEO’s.

Why did they choose to go to Netflix? Hussam gave a nice descriptive answer. According to Buzzfeed this is what he said:

“This benefits everyone. Networks choose what we watch, but now we can choose what we want. If thousands of people are demanding this show, networks don’t have to worry if it’s going to perform well.”

Luckily for the directors, the project has caught many people’s attention, leading to a massive number of shares on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. They even got the attention of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who shared the trailer on his Facebook page. Later on, Netflix decided to give the directors a big hope, tweeting about the show and telling the world that the Netflix-team was going to discuss the show during their next meeting!

If you want to support this whole campaign go ahead and follow the page and share it with your friends using the hashtag #NETFLIXlisten!

Sneaking into Netflix. Reed Hasting, CEO of Netflix, sharing it on Facebook:



Directors telling the whole story about the campaign:

Netflix tweeting about the show:

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