Introducing Mvslim’s New Editor in Chief…

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly” – Langston Hughes.

Hi there! Peace be upon you. 

It’s Hafsah Dabiri here. I am the new Editor in Chief at MVSLIM and I am super excited to be joining this amazing online community of phenomenal Muslims. 

A Little About Me 

To introduce myself briefly, I am a British Nigerian and based in London, UK. I have a background in Politics and International Relations and in the media space, as a presenter.

I love writing, cooking (and eating of course), and creating inspiring content. 

I am from the Yoruba tribe, so I have lots of middle names that fill up my birth certificate. My favorite one, that my grandma calls me, is Ayomide (Ah-yoh-me-deh) which means ‘my joy has arrived’. And I like to think that this is an accurate reflection of who I am.

Since I was little, I have loved to write and create content that my community can benefit from and use to brighten their day

My Childhood Identity Crisis

I grew up in South East London and found it extremely difficult to understand how my faith and culture could find a place within Western society.

With the differences in our religious practices and cultural uniqueness. I sometimes felt like a stranger in certain environments. I grew up ashamed of parts of my identity that I now would not exchange for the world. 

My solace was found in being able to imagine myself as anything, within my journal and the stories I wrote. I wrote stories about being a superhero who could rectify all the prejudices in the world (I was 11). But as I grew up, I began to write down dreams, less as fiction, and more as achievable and reachable goals. 

Transforming Our Stories into Legacies 

I transformed my childhood identity crisis into an opportunity to provide a dream to those little girls who could not see themselves in books and movies. And to help them imagine themselves as superheroes and characters. 

I wrote my first children’s book a couple of years ago entitled; ‘Basirah the Basketballer says Insha’allah’.

This book sparked my interest in how we can build a global community of Muslims who are more empathetic and understanding. But also, in building platforms and spaces where Muslims can just be and be inspired and learn.

This is what MVSLIM is about.

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What is MVSLIM?

MVSLIM is a platform that was created as a solution to the lack of digital publications that represented us and our stories and dreams. As Chief Editor, I hope to help continue to build MVSLIM in this manner.

Over the last couple of years as a publication, MVSLIM has achieved so much and even been featured on the BBC and Forbes.

We have had writers from across the globe, cover various topics. But for me, the most significant achievement is the community of thousands of individuals around the world who have viewed MVSLIM over 10 million times and make our platform what it is today. Thank you. 

The Vision for MVSLIM 

The vision for MVSLIM is for it to be a digital publication that will be a household name for every Muslim Millennial and Gen Z looking for accurate news, entertainment, and inspiration relating to their lives and connecting them to the diverse global Muslim community.

We hope to address topics in a dynamic, sensitive and relatable manner and spotlight issues that affect the global community of young Muslims. 

I believe that the Millennial and Gen Z generations of Muslims are so diverse, creative, and are building life-changing legacies all over the world. If you believe this, then this is the platform for you. Let’s start dreaming, together. 

Share with us down below, what you dream about. Don’t be ashamed to say ‘being a superhero’ as I know I’m not the only one!

Written by Mvslim

In the mixed society we live today, we went looking for the ideal platform for Muslims. And of course, we didn’t find it. So we made one ourselves.