Indonesia Won Gold With Their Secret Weapon – Diversity

Indonesia’s badminton athletes, Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir presented their homeland with a gold medal on the badminton double mixed games which was held on 17 August 2016 which also happened to be Indonesia’s 71st   national Independence day. Natsir and Ahmad’s path towards winning the gold medal for their beloved nation represented more than just hard work but also a story of diversity and tolerance.

Ahmad was  born on  18 July 1987 in Bayumas, Indonesia, his passion towards badminton began when he was 8 years old and to this day he has achieved various numbers of medals including The Badminton World championship ( BWF ) and the Badminton Asia championship.

Natsir was born on 9 September 1985 In Manado, Indonesia. A female badminton athlete who is specialized in mixed doubles, she is also listed as one of the best mixed double players in the world and in her hometown, Indonesia, Natsir is nicknamed as the queen of mixed doubles  and she has  also achieved  medals at the BWF and southeast Asian games.

Both Liliyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmed came from different backgrounds, Ahmad a Muslim and Natsir a Catholic, They both follow different religious and cultural believes and yet they have managed to complement one another in diversity, working hand in hand despite their differences to bring triumph to their nation.  Upon winning the gold medal at the Olympics Ahmed  sank his knees and banged to the floor with his hands (Preforming the act of Sujood or Prostration) before running over to the Indonesia spectators to receive their acclaim. This was the first gold medal for both 29 year old Tontowi Ahmad and 30 year old Liliyana Natsir.


Written by Ananda Siregar

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