I Didn’t Vote for Hillary Clinton Because I am Against Injustice

One of the fundamental teachings of Islam is the equality of all human beings, despite race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender. As Muslims, we are expected to ensure justice for all whether it is through our actions or through actions of those that we elect to lead us. As Election Day approaches, we are expected to come out and vote for the person that we believe will uphold our ideals and protect our rights in this country. I didn’t believe Hillary Clinton was that person.

Many casted their votes for Clinton in fear of a Trump presidency by choosing the lesser of two evils. Undoubtedly, a Trump presidency scares me but so does a Clinton presidency. Even though her 30 years of experience make her qualified to be President as opposed to the man who created “Celebrity Apprentice”, but it also means she knows how to play the game. One thing I can’t help but think is, would Clinton have used Khizr Khan in her campaign ad or tried to reach out to black and Latino voters if Trump hadn’t based his campaign on demonizing and discriminating against minorities? If Bernie hadn’t based his run for Presidency on achieving social justice and economic justice? These are important questions to ask because the answer to those shape what Clinton will actual do as President as opposed to what she is saying she will do.

Trump’s rhetoric against minorities has been so extreme that it makes it hard for us to notice when Hillary’s rhetoric becomes problematic because she is the more “level-headed” one. But, let’s not forget her speech at AIPAC where she referred to Palestinians as terrorists and her unwavering support for Israel and Netanyahu despite his continuation of building illegal settlements on Palestinian land. In the the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Clinton referred to the act as radical Islamic terrorism, perpetuating the dangerous stereotype that terrorism is solely an Islamic issue while also suggesting that homophobia is only an Islamic issue as well. In the last Presidential debate, she has advocated for a no-fly zone in Syria which would ultimately put the lives of the Syrians at risk. She’s previously advocated for increased airstrikes in Syria, which as we can see has killed millions of civilians so far and continues to destroy Syria.

As of now, Clinton has not made a statement or taken a stance in regards to the DAPL protests occurring in Standing Rock where the development of a crude oil pipeline could have harmful effects for thousands living in the area. Equally devastating is the mass incarceration rate in the United States which is currently the highest in the world due to the signing of the Violent Crime Control Bill and Law Enforcement Act in 1994 which had Hillary’s support. These policies continue to primarily affect black and Latino communities who are arrested and imprisoned for minor offenses and when released are unable to vote, find housing, find employment, etc., Even though she has focused some of her campaign on tackling issues of police brutality and racial profiling, but that doesn’t make up for the lives that her and her husband have ruined.

While many will think that this was her stance 20 years ago and that she’s evolved, treating all humans justly is not something you can just change your mind about. It is a fundamental belief that you either have or you don’t and Clinton has proved time and time again that this is not something she has.

This article is written by Noha Mahmoud

Written by Mvslim

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