Hungarian photographer introduces new photoshoot: “Migrant Chic”

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis different artists have expressed their vision or opinion on the subject through their artwork. From cartoonists such as the people at Charlie Hebdo to photographers like the famous Brandon Stanton who dedicated a new photo series to tell the refugees’ stories.

This fashion photographer came up with a really strange idea. He used the migrant crisis as an inspiration for a fashion shoot. And yes the result looks as delusional as it sounds. We have models dressed in revealing dresses and headscarves posing in front of wired fence or struggling with the police.


As expected Norbert Baksa, the man behind this photoshoot received a lot of criticism. People on social media called it utterly sickening and referred to the shoot as a disgusting and distasteful campaign and accused him of glamorizing the misery migrants have to go through.

As a response to all the negative feedback the photographer said that he wanted to show another side of the story. That even though we see a suffering woman, we still see her beauty and that she has some high-quality pieces of clothing despite her situation.


Is it just me or did his explanation make it even worse? As expected, Norbert received so much negativity that he had to remove the photos.

“Considering the heated emotions and because, despite our intentions, many unfortunately consider the pictures offending, we have decided to remove the series from our website.”
That might have been his smartest move during this whole controversial situation.

Written by Mvslim

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