How to Survive Eid al Adha As a Vegetarian or Vegan With These 5 Tips

Eid al Adha is a holiday where family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company, and of course, to share delicious food! As a Muslim vegetarian or vegan, it might be hard to survive these days considering this holiday is all about meat. But with these 5 easy tips, you can enjoy Eid al Adha as much as everyone else!

1. Remind everyone that you’re vegetarian/vegan

If you’re going to have a family gathering or going to visit friends, make sure to inform them beforehand that you’re a vegan/vegetarian. People normally start planning special gatherings early, and to not mess up their plans remind them on time. Also, try to explain it in an easy way. Give them some examples of dishes that they could prepare for you and are familiar to them. This way both you and they don’t have to panic!

2. Share vegan/vegetarian side-dishes

If you are not sure if the person you’re visiting is going to make the extra effort for you by cooking something vegan/vegetarian, just make it yourself. Prepare some delicious and suitable side-dishes you can share with everyone. This way, you can enjoy your food without worries.

3. Take the role of the host

Being a host is stressful and tiring, but also fun and heartwarming. If you decide to host the gathering, making suitable food for you is not hard. But you can use this chance to show your guests what the vegan/vegetarian cuisine has to offer. To make the process of cooking more interesting, let the guest join you in the kitchen. You can challenge your guests by asking them to bring a vegan/vegetarian side-dish with them. This way they will be able to experiment with new ingredients.

4. Talk about something else then food

We all have that person who is not really convinced of your vegan/vegetarian diet. This person is most likely to ask you endless questions just to make you feel uncomfortable. Tip: Just stay calm! Try to shift the conversation to another topic. Ask them what they have been up to, how the family is doing, talk about the last trip you went to, and so on.

5. Make sure to enjoy Eid al Adha to the fullest

Last but not least, nothing should bring down your mood during Eid al Adha. Remind yourself of the story behind this celebration and the benefits of it. Enjoy the time with the people around you to the fullest. With a good mindset, nothing can ruin your day.

Happy Eid al Adha!