How people are actually selected for “random” checks at the airport

You’ve tried so hard! The night before the flight; you shaved off your beard, chose your nerdiest glasses and you dressed up yourself in the same colours as the ones on your national flag. Yet, you lack astonishment when you – and the rest of the airport – hear that you’re the lucky winner! You get to be suspicious once again, what an honour!


Note: I’m still searching for their album up until today.

How do they pick people for additional security?


There are some official factors that allow the staff to pick you such as:
– Your planned route (one way fare, two way fare)
– If you’re travelling alone
– If you’re a MAN travelling alone (Sexist, right? Where are my meninists?)
– Being packed lightly


All the things mentioned in the list above plus:


Follow these instructions and tadaa! We have our victim:


Written by Donjetë Vuniqi

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