House of Fraser launches new line of sporty headscarves

Hijabis know how the story goes. They want to go swimming, but it takes ages to find the right burkini to wear. Even running isn’t that simple because it’s way too hot when wearing a regular hijab. Luckily, every difficulty has its solution. As reported by The Telegraph, House of Fraser has decided to sell sporty hijabs, designed by the company Shorso.

The range contains unitard bodysuits and lightweight hijabs for women to wear during aerobics and swimming. Thanks to the various colours and patterns you will be able to look fashionable even when you’re sweating. To make sure they’re light and durable the hijabs are made of 80 per cent nylon and 20 per cent spandex. They even have hijabs with Velcro instead of pins to make it easier to wear them.




Of course this is good news for all hijabis. We all know how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle that includes sporting. Initiatives like these do not only make it easier to go shopping for a sporty hijab, but they can also make non-Muslims see that wearing hijab isn’t preventing these women from doing any kind of sports. It might be difficult to imagine someone wearing the hijab while swimming, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. By selling those scarves just like they’re selling all other kinds of sport outfits, people will hopefully understand that there’s no such thing as choosing between religion and sport. A combination is perfectly possible.

Although news like this could be an example for other stores, that doesn’t mean all hijabi-sports problems are solved now. Wearing a sport-friendly scarf doesn’t mean directly that these women will be allowed to wear it in a sport club.

Written by Hayat El Khattabi

Hayat Jamal is a 22-year-old History student. She likes to read, write and practice sports.