Haya: the value of shyness

I have been thinking for quite some time now (I call it my ‘overthinking skill’). Until I realised what the most awkward moment I encountered was: sleeping at my friend’s place. The reason why it was so awkward was because I had never met his family before. I am kind of shy, which is in fact an attribute most Muslims grew up with. Not much of a surprise, because when I was little and my mom took me with her to a family party, a wedding or something else, the only rule was: BE QUIET!
Those good old times…

Back to today now. As I mentioned earlier, I grew up with the ‘attribute’ of shyness. I will always be shy when I am visiting a friend’s place. You know that one step in their house that gives you the jitters and makes you so quiet that you cannot even speak normally anymore? I always get that! I just think of it as good manners. It is important to note that shyness is a part of both men and women, for it indicates their fear for Allah and the value for their Deen.

Below I listed a few advantages of shyness:

1) It provides a heart that will be steadfast, brave and strong. Allah gives the person both insight and power. As it is said: ‘The person who goes against his appetites, Satan will go away from his shadow.’
2) It creates a genuine understanding that can help making a distinction between what is true and what is not.
3) It provides a heart that is committed to and focussed on Allah.

There are still many more Muslims and non-Muslims who find it important to have at least a little shyness. We need to hold on to Haya (shyness) because it is one of the values that will keep you from doing things you will later regret.

Aa’isha radiAllahu ‘anha once said:
‘The most beautiful characteristic is shyness.’
[Adab Shar’jjah 2/344]

Written by Soufyan Harraoui

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Soufyan Harraoui is 19 years old and interested in everything that is related to computer science. He also loves writing poetry and taking photographs.