Having a Muslim friend over for dinner? Here’s how to make classic dishes Muslim-proof

Oops! You have a Muslim visiting and you do not know what you can put on the table? What is it again that they could eat? What is it that they cannot eat? Tough choices! What now? Listed below you can find three classic dishes you can instantly transform into Muslim-proof food.

1) Hamburgers

The word says it all, HAMburgers. Muslims don’t eat pork (or other meat that is not halal/ritually slaughtered). But… but.. what if you want to make hamburgers? Well, I have the perfect alternative! That would be mushroom burgers! Tender, juicy and delicious!

2) Spaghetti bolognese

A spaghetti bolognese, ah delicious! But all that meat is actually a little bit of a problem. Have you got too little time to go to the halal butcher or you do not have a halal butcher in the neighbourhood? No worries! Replace the meat with lots of vegetables or soya mince. It does not taste the same, but yum it is good!

3) Vegetable soup

Why?! Vegetable soup is allowed, no?! Oh yes  it is not that strict, veggies are totally OK! The only rule here is the use of bouillon or stock (cubes). Most preferably, you should use vegetable bouillon and no chicken/beef bouillon for your soup! It is Muslim-proof and it will add an amazing flavour to your vegetables.

And then there are a few Golden Rules:

– No alcohol in your dishes
– Get meat from the halal butcher or replace it with veggies or a vegetarian version of meat
– Unlimited amount of fish is allowed
– Everything a vegetarian is allowed to eat, is Muslim-proof. It is that simple!

Now you’re good to go. Enjoy your meal and above all, enjoy the company!

Written by Ikram El Maaboudi

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Ikram El Maaboudi is 22 years old, has a Bachelor degree in Social-Cultural Work and is now studying to become a Master in Agogic Sciences. She loves to spend her time reading a book, taking photographs or being creative with food.