Having a Disability Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy Fashion – Jakarta Modest Fashion Week Is for Everyone!

Jakarta Modest Fashion Week is coming up this month and one project that really stands out is “Dream and design for Disabilities”. It’s a new project launched by JMFW and will be held between the 26th and the 29th of July 2018, with the support of the Council of Modest Fashion. The project’s motto is “Fashion for everyone” and we are totally loving their inclusiveness!

Nearly 15% of the world’s population, and almost half of it being women, are going through life with a disability. There is still too little representation of people with a disability, nor is there enough attention for their needs or interests. This project shines a light on the forgotten target group of the fashion industry, taking in a leading position for change and more diversity in all the domains.

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness about issues that people with disabilities experience in their daily lives. Expressing themselves through fashion is one of them. They want to offer people with a disability a platform to show their talents and dreams to the world. Representation matters and clothing is an important aspect in our lives.

Three workshops took place for the preparation of the fashion week. These were held in Turkey, Indonesia and Germany with a few supporting designers and creative agencies such as Meriem Lebdiri (Mizaan, Germany), Zumrut Kaya (Kaf Design, Turkey), the bureaus Aspire (Turkey) and World of Modest (Germany). The strength of the crew behind JMFW lies in their diversity, each sharing an own refreshing view on fashion and the needs of the audience.

“Despite popular opinion, fashion is not an exclusive industry. We hope this project will not only create awareness but will open bigger opportunities for disabled communities worldwide”, thus Franka Soeria, co-founder of the Modest Fashion Week events and Think Fashion.

The design sketches made in those workshops are turned into a collection by the organizers of Jakarta Modest Fashion Week, Think Fashion and Markamarie. Attendees can praise these pieces at the show and can buy them online at this website.

Beside raising awareness and having a warm and inclusive approach, another beautiful side of the project is that all the earnings will be given to the disabled community. The raised money will be used to achieve the goal of buying three customized and special designed wheelchairs.

Fashion is often a statement. We express ourselves through the way we dress. When fashion meets ethic, the result can be very powerful. And that’s exactly what we will see on the Jakarta Modest Fashion week. See you there!


This article was written by Ghofrane Sbai

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